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200   City Officers.
201   City Offices.
202   Election of Officers at Large.
203   Appointment and Removal of Officers.
204   Election of City Council Members; Redistricting.
205   Term of Office.
206   Term Limits.
207   Vacancy in City Offices.
208   Determination of Incapacity.
209   Code of Conduct of Elected Officials; Censure   
210   Acting Incumbency in City Offices.
211   Suspension Pending Trial.
212   Prohibition on Council Member Serving in Other Capacity.
213   Additional Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees.
214   Creation of Additional Departments and Officers.
215   Oath of Office.
216   Annual Report.
217   Investigations and Proceedings.
218   Compensation of Elected Officers and Limitation on Outside Activities.
219   Salary Setting.
220   Restrictions on Compensation of Officers.
221   Surety Bonds.
222   Conflicts of Interest; Board of Referred Powers.
230   Mayor.
231   Powers and Duties.
232   Executive Budget.
233   Temporary Transfer of Employees.
234   Joint Labor-management Partnerships.
240   Legislative Power.
241   Council Size.
242   Conduct of Business.
243   President and President Pro Tempore.
244   Quorum and Vote Necessary to Take Action.
245   City Council Veto of Board Actions.
246   Provision of Quarters; Creation of Positions.
247   Public Improvements.
248   Issuance of Housing Revenue Bonds.
249   Ordinances – Enacting Clause.
250   Procedure for Adoption of Ordinances.
251   Publication or Posting of Ordinances.
252   Effective Date of Ordinances, Orders and Resolutions.
253   Urgency Ordinances.
254   Legislation Pending Before State and Federal Government.
260   Auditor and General Accountant.
261   Powers and Duties.
262   Approval of Demands on Treasury.
263   Approval of Expenses of Controller.
264   Reduction of Demand on Treasury.
265   Payment of Bonds.
266   Periodic Surveys of Proprietary Departments.
270   Qualifications.
271   Powers and Duties.
272   Control of Litigation.
273   Settlement of Litigation.
274   Employment of Assistants.
275   Employment of Other Legal Counsel.
280   Appointment and Removal.
281   Powers and Duties.
290   Appointment and Removal; Qualifications; Assistants.
291   Powers and Duties.
292   Administrative Management Research.
293   Additional Responsibilities.