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Sec. 531.  Financial Support.
   (a)   For the financial support of the Library Department, there shall be appropriated an annual sum equal to a percentage of assessed value of all property in the City as assessed for City taxes, as follows:
      Fiscal Years Prior to 2011-2012: 0.0175%.
      Fiscal Year 2011-2012: 0.0206%.
      Fiscal Year 2012-2013: 0.0237%.
      Fiscal Year 2013-2014: 0.0269%.
      Fiscal Year 2014-2015 and thereafter: 0.0300%.
   (b)   Additional appropriations may be made from the General Fund.
   (c)   All money derived from (a) or (b) plus sums received by the Library Department from fines, sales, gifts or otherwise in connection with the operation of the library, shall be placed to the credit of the Library Department in a fund to be known as the Library Fund.
   (d)   Except as provided in Section 342 with regard to funds appropriated from the General Fund to the Library Fund pursuant to subsection (b), money in the Library Fund shall be used only for the financial support of the Library Department, its operations and its facilities, including all Library Department direct and indirect costs.  For fiscal years 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14, the Council shall, by ordinance, establish a minimum level of funding from the incremental increases in appropriations based on assessed property value for restoration of Library services and programs, and the remainder of those annual increases shall be used to pay for indirect costs.  Provided, however, that in each of those fiscal years the amount of the increased appropriation dedicated for restoration of Library services and programs shall not be less than 45% of the increase in appropriation over the sum appropriated based on assessed property value in the base year of 2010-2011.  Beginning in fiscal year 2014-15 and thereafter, the Library Department shall be responsible for payment of all of its direct and indirect costs, which shall include, but not be limited to, health, dental, pension, building services and utility costs.
Amended by:  Charter Amendment L § 1, approved March 8, 2011, effective April 8, 2011.