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Sec. 523.  Independent Assessor.
   The Independent Assessor shall report to the Board of Fire Commissioners and shall have the same access to Fire Department information as the Board of Fire Commissioners.  The Independent Assessor shall have the power and duty to:
   (a)   under rules established by the Board of Fire Commissioners, audit, assess and review the Fire Department's handling of complaints of misconduct committed by employees, sworn or civilian, of the Fire Department;
   (b)   conduct any audit or assessment requested by majority vote of the board;
   (c)   initiate any assessment or audit of the Fire Department or any portion of the Fire Department with prior notice to the Board of Fire Commissioners, and subject to the authority of the board by majority vote to direct the Independent Assessor not to commence or continue an assessment or audit;
   (d)   keep the board informed of the status of all pending assessments and audits; and
   (e)   appoint, discharge, discipline, transfer and issue instructions to employees under his or her direction.
Added by Charter Amendment A, approved March 3, 2009, effective April 1, 2009.