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Sec. 573. Inspector General.
   The Inspector General shall report to the Board of Police Commissioners and shall have the same access to Police Department information as the Board of Police Commissioners. The Inspector General shall have the power and duty to:
   (a)   under rules established by the Board of Police Commissioners, audit, investigate and oversee the Police Department’s handling of complaints of misconduct by police officers and civilian employees and perform other duties as may be assigned by the board;
   (b)   conduct any audit or investigation requested by majority vote of the board;
   (c)   initiate any investigation or audit of the Police Department without prior authorization of the Board of Police Commissioners, subject to the authority of the board by majority vote to direct the Inspector General not to commence or continue an investigation or audit;
   (d)   keep the board informed of the status of all pending investigations and audits; and
   (e)   appoint, discharge, discipline, transfer and issue instructions to employees under his or her direction.