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300   Director of Finance; Powers and Duties of Office.
301   Treasury; Treasurer.
302   Funds.
303   Investments.
310   Fiscal Year.
311   Budget Estimates to Mayor; Statement of Budget Priorities.
312   Mayor’s Proposed Budget.
313   Council Consideration of Budget.
314   Mayor’s Veto.
315   Council Consideration of Mayor’s Veto Message; Final Adopted Budget.
320   Expenditure Programs.
325   Debt Impact Statements.
330   Use of County System of Assessment and Taxation.
331   Tax Levy.
332   Tax Levy – Alternate Method.
340   Transfers Between Funds; Temporary Transfers.
341   Transfers from Reserve Fund; Appropriations from Unappropriated Balance.
342   Transfers of Appropriated Funds.
343   Intra-departmental Transfer.
344   Transfer of Surplus to Reserve Fund.
350   Claims Against City.
360   Payment into Treasury.
361   Law Governing Bonded Indebtedness.
362   Annual Audit.
370   Contracts Required to Be in Writing and Signed.
371   Competitive Bidding; Competitive Sealed Proposals.
372   Competitive Proposals Preferred.
373   Long Term Contracts; Approval by Council.
374   Contract or Direct Employment.
375   Prequalification of Bidders.
376   Change Orders.
377   Prevailing Wage.
378   Living Wage.
380   Purchases.
385   Sale of City Property.
390   Franchises.