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400   Types of Elections.
401   Election Days – City of Los Angeles and Board of Education.
402   Ordinance Ordering the Holding of an Election.
403   Officers of Election.
404   Returns of Election.
405   Employment of Additional Persons.
406   Recounts.
407   Eligibility for Office.
408   Eligibility to Vote.
409   Filling Vacancies in the Offices of Mayor, City Attorney, Controller and Member of the City Council.
410   Filling Vacancies in the Office of Members of the Board of Education.
411   Substantial Compliance with Election Requirements.
412   City Election Code; Amendments.
420   Candidate’s Filing Fee.
421   Declaration of Intention.
422   Nominating Petition.
423   Withdrawal of Nominating Petition.
424   Primary Nominating Election Ballot.
425   Results of Primary Nominating Election.
426   General Election Ballot.
427   Death or Disqualification of Candidate.
430   Subject of Recall.
431   Recall Petition.
432   Action by Council on Recall Petition.
433   Supporting and Opposing Arguments.
434   Prohibition on Reappointment.
435   Recall Ballot.
436   Nomination of Candidates to Replace Recalled Officer.
437   Election of Candidate to Succeed Recalled Officer.
438   Removal of Appointed Officers.
439   Resignation or Vacancy Pending Removal.
440   Removal of the City Clerk.
450   Subject of Initiative.
451   Initiative Petition.
452   Action by Council on Initiative Petition Requesting Adoption of Ordinance.
453   Action by Council on Initiative Petition Requesting Amendment or Repeal of Ordinance.
454   Supporting and Opposing Arguments.
455   Adoption of Ordinances by Initiative.
460   Subject of Referendum.
461   Referendary Petition.
462   Action by City Council on Referendary Petition.
463   Conflict Between Measures.
464   Amendment and Repeal of Ordinances Adopted by Initiative and Referendum.
470   Limitations on Campaign Contributions in City Elections.
471   Public Matching Funds and Campaign Expenditure Limitations.