Department of Finance
123.01   Director of Finance; appointment, duties and bond.
123.011   Enterprise Zone Coordinator.
123.02   Tax Administrator; appointment, duties and bond.
123.03   Payment of examination costs of sex offense victims.
123.04   Credit of interest on deposits.
123.05   Capital Improvement Fund.
123.06   Federal Revenue Sharing Trust Fund.
123.07   Street Tree Fund.
123.08   Municipal Center Fund.
123.09   Informants Fee and Evidence Fund.
123.10   Petty Cash Fund.
123.101   Petty Cash Fund - Police Department.
123.102   Petty Cash Fund - Building Department.
123.103   Petty Cash Fund - Fire Department.
123.11   Municipal Center Bond Retirement Fund.
123.12   Highland Woods Subdivision No. 2, Phase I Fund.
123.13   Sick Leave Reserve Fund.
123.14   Fire damaged structure; removal or repair securing fund.
123.15   Bishop Road Fund.
123.16   Drug Law Enforcement Fund.
123.17   Law Enforcement Fund.
123.18   Law Enforcement Trust Fund.
123.19   Aberdeen Business Park Fund.
123.20   General Reserve Fund.
123.21   Local Coronavirus Relief Fund.
123.22   American Rescue Plan Fund.
      Establishment of Department - see CHTR.  6.01
      Appointment, powers and duties of Director - see CHTR.  6.03
      Deposit of public moneys - see Ohio R.C. 117.17
      Duties and authority of Income Tax Administrator - see ADM.  111.2301 et seq.