General Provisions
   50.01   Authority to establish water and sewage utilities
   50.02   Registration and inspection of wells
   50.03   Metering of well water
   50.04   Well digging
   50.05   Abandonment and sealing of private wells
   50.06   Approval requirements
   50.07   Underground or buried utilities
Wastewater Admissibility
   50.25   Major contributor; definition, permits, application fees
   50.26   Surveillance of major contributors
   50.27   Monitoring of major contributors
   50.28   Limitations of point of discharge
   50.29   Licensed commercial or industrial waste hauling
   50.30   Special agreements
   50.31   Admissibility; prohibitions on discharges and unpolluted waters
   50.32   Admissibility; limitations on radioactive wastes and use of garbage grinders
   50.33   Local limits
   50.34   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   50.35   Liability for maintenance of pretreatment and other equipment
   50.36   Right to reject waste
   50.37   Industrial Cost Recovery System
   50.38   Requirements
   50.39   Deposit fee
Identity Theft Prevention Program
   50.50   Purpose
   50.51   Risk assessment
   50.52   Detection; red flag
   50.53   Response
   50.54   Personal information security procedures
   50.55   Periodic updating of program
   50.56   Review and approval