939.01   Purpose and objectives.
939.015   Definitions.
939.016   Disclaimer of liability.
939.017   Conflicts, severability, nuisances and responsiblity.
939.018   Responsibility for adminsitration.
939.02   Deposit of offensive garbage or refuse matter.
939.03   Privy vaults.
939.04   Connection with sanitary and storm sewers required.
939.05   When private sewage disposal system permitted.   
939.06   Permit for private sewage disposal system; fee.
939.07   Inspection of private sewage disposal system.
939.08   Compliance with State health regulations.
939.09   Abandonment of private sewage disposal system.
939.10   Operation of private sewage disposal system.
939.11   Public sewer connections; permit and fee.   
939.12   Compliance with licensing and bonding provisions.
939.13   Bond required; license issuance and fee.
939.14   Insurance required.
939.15   One building to lateral; exceptions.
939.16   Use of old building sewers.
939.17   Specifications and laying.
939.18   Inspection.
939.19   Protection of excavation.
939.20   Prohibition of connection of surface water and unpolluted water in sanitary sewers/ sewage in storm sewers. (Repealed)
939.21   Discharge prohibitions.
939.22   Limitations on wastewater strength.
939.23   Grease, oil and sand interceptors.
939.24   Sanitary sewer connection violations.
939.241   Monitoring of illicit discharges and illegal connections.
939.25   Protection from damage.
939.26   Sewer service charges.
939.27   Industrial fees.
939.28   Administration for industries.
939.29   Records.
939.30   Falsifying information.
939.31   Failure to report accidental discharges.
939.32   Pretreatment.
939.33   Operation of private treatment facilities.
939.34   Intentional discharge of a prohibited waste.
939.35   Operating upsets.
939.36   Change in waste characteristics.
939.37   Enforcement.
939.38   WPCC Appeal Board.
939.39   Annual publication.
939.40   Collection procedure.
939.41   Certification to County Auditor.
939.42   Sewer Fund established.
939.43   Photographic and visual inspections.
939.44   Annual audit review of sewer rental charges.
939.45   Haulers.
939.46   Sanitary sewer tap-in fees.
939.47   Rate reduction for water not discharged into system.
939.98   Administrative enforcement remedies.
939.99   Remedies and Penalties.
Power to license sewer tappers and vault cleaners - see Ohio R.C. 715.27
Power to construct sewerage system - see Ohio R.C. 715.40, 717.01
Sewers - see Ohio R.C. 729.31 et seq.
Untreated sewage - see Ohio R.C. 3701.59
Interference with sewage flow - see Ohio R.C. 4933.24
Director of Public Service to make regulations for sewage disposal system - see ADM. 127.04
Division of Sewers and Inspection established - see ADM. 127.03
Division of Building, Engineering and Inspection - see ADM. Ch. 135
Grade and drainage plan; deposit and permit fee - see BLDG. 1301.14