Sec. 5-1-190.   Relocation of Company facilities.
   If at any time the City reasonably requests the Company to relocate any distribution line, service connection or other facility installed or maintained in streets or other public places in order to permit the City to change street grades, pavements, sewers, water mains or other City works, such relocation shall be made by the Company at its expense. The Company is not obligated hereunder to relocate any facilities at its expense, which were installed in private easements obtained by the Company, the underlying fee of which was, at some point subsequent to installation, transferred to the City, unless such fee is transferred to the City for public right-of-way purposes. Following relocation, the Company at its expense shall restore all property to substantially its former condition. The City will reasonably exhaust alternatives not requiring relocation in all cases.
(Prior agmt. 7-1-2002)