§ 157.002  POLICY.
   (A)   It is hereby declared to be the policy of the Town of Cloverdale to consider the subdivision of land and the subsequent development of each subdivided plat as subject to the official Comprehensive Plan and related polices (such as those embodied in the Cloverdale Zoning Ordinance) for the orderly and efficient development of the Town of Cloverdale.
   (B)   Land to be subdivided shall be of such a character that it can be developed without peril to health or peril from flood, fire or other menace, and land shall not be subdivided until having access to available existing public facilities and improvements and proper provision has been made for the subdivision. Private wells and septic systems in lieu of public water and sewer facilities are generally not permitted. They are only allowable where Cloverdale utilities cannot be provided to the property being developed. If permitted, any such instillation must be approved by Cloverdale, meet State Health Department standards and be approved by the Utility Superintendent.
   (C)   Both existing and proposed public facilities, serving the subdivision shall be properly related to and conform to the official Cloverdale Comprehensive Plan, and related Town of Cloverdale policies and implementation programs including the Capital Budget, Thoroughfare Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Housing and Building Codes, if such have been enacted and are in force. (See definition of Comprehensive Plan.)
(Ord. 2011-07, passed  - - )