§ 157.071  DRAINAGE.
   (a)   The subdivider shall provide the subdivision with an adequate storm water sewer system whenever curbs and gutters are installed and whenever the evidence available to the Plan Commission indicates that natural surface drainage is inadequate.
   (B)   Deep open ditches for drainage are not permitted in the street right-of-way, but where curbs and gutters are not provided, the Plan Commission may allow shallow swales with their low point at least three inches below the elevation of the subgrade of the pavement.
   (C)   In a subdivision where curbs and gutters are not provided, the subdivider may furnish one of the following types of improvements to facilitate roadside drainage and to assure suitable entrances for driveways:
      (1)   A corrugated iron pipe, or its equivalent, at least 12 inches in diameter and 20 feet in length to be placed where required for each driveway.
      (2)   A properly dipped swaled concrete pavement shall be a minimum of 20 feet in length, six inches thick, and three inches below subgrade of street, designed so as not to create a hazard.
(Ord. 2011-07, passed  - - )