(A)   Conformance to applicable rules and regulations. In addition to the requirements established herein, all subdivision plats shall comply with the following laws, rules, and regulations:
      (1)   All applicable state and local statutory provisions;
      (2)   The Cloverdale Zoning Ordinance, Building and Housing Codes, and all other applicable laws and ordinances of the appropriate jurisdictions;
      (3)   The Comprehensive Plan, Thoroughfare Plan, Public Utilities Plan and Capital Improvements Program including all streets, drainage systems, and parks shown on the Comprehensive Plan as adopted;
      (4)   The special requirements of these regulations and any applicable rules of the County Health Department and/or appropriate state agencies;
      (5)   The rules and regulations of the Indiana Department of Highways if the subdivision or any lot contained therein abut a state highway or state frontage road;
      (6)   The highway and drainage standards and regulations adopted by the Town Engineer and all boards, Plan Commissions, agencies, officials of the Town of Cloverdale and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management;
      (7)   All pertinent standards contained within still valid planning guides published by the Plan Commission.
   (B)   Plat approval may be withheld if a subdivision is not in conformity with the preceding guides and requirements set forth in division(A)(1) through (7) of this section or with the policies and purposes of these regulations established in § 157.004 of this chapter.
   (C)   Self-imposed restrictions. If the owner places restrictions on any of the land contained in the subdivision greater than those required by the Zoning Ordinance or these regulations, such restrictions or reference thereto may be required to be indicated on the subdivision plat, or the Plan Commission may require that restrictive covenants be recorded with the County Recorder in a form approved by the Town Attorney.
   (D)   Plats straddling municipal boundaries. Whenever access to the subdivision is required across land in another jurisdiction, the Plan Commission may require the developer to procure written assurance from the other jurisdiction that such access is legally established, and from the Town Engineer that the access road is adequately improved, or that a performance bond has been duly executed and is sufficient in amount to assure the construction or reconstruction of the access road. Lot lines shall be laid out so as not to cross municipal boundary lines.
   (E)   Boundary monuments, markers and improvements.
      (1)   The subdivider shall have placed, under the supervision of a Registered Land Surveyor, concrete monuments four inches square or four inches in diameter and 40 inches long with an iron pipe cast in the center, at each corner or angle of the ultimate outside boundary. They shall be set following grading of each phase of the subdivision.
      (2)   The subdivider shall have placed, under the supervision of a Registered Land Surveyor, pipes or steel rods, three-fourths of an inch in diameter by 30 inches in length at the corners of each lot. They shall be set prior to the issuance of any Improvement Location Permit.
   (F)   Character of the land. Land which the Plan Commission finds to be unsuitable for subdivision or development because of flooding, improper drainage, steep slopes, rock formations, adverse earth formations or topography, utility easements, or other features which might reasonably be harmful to the safety, health and general welfare of the present or future inhabitants of the subdivision and/or its surrounding areas, shall not be subdivided or developed unless adequate methods are formulated by the developer and approved by the Plan Commission, upon recommendation of the Town Engineer, to solve the problems created by the unsuitable land conditions. Such land shall be set aside for such uses permitted by the Zoning Ordinance not involve any such danger.
   (G)   Subdivision name. The proposed name of the subdivision shall not duplicate, or too closely approximate phonetically, the name of any other subdivision in the area covered by these regulations. The Plan Commission shall have final authority to disapprove the name of the subdivision which shall be determined at the time of primary approval.
(Ord. 2011-07, passed  - - )