(A)   General requirements. The developer shall install sanitary sewer facilities in a manner prescribed by the Town of Cloverdale Construction Standards and Specifications. All plans shall be designed in accordance with the rules, regulations, and standards of the Town of Cloverdale, the latest edition of the Recommended Standards for Wastewater Facilities as published by Health Education Service, Inc., Albany, New Your, and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management requirements.
   (B)   Sanitary sewerage system requirements. Where provided, sanitary sewerage facilities shall connect with public sanitary sewerage systems and shall be installed to serve each lot to grades and sizes required by approving officials and agencies. Sanitary sewerage facilities (including the installation of laterals in the right-of-way) shall be subject to the specifications, rules, regulations, and guidelines of the Utility Manager and the appropriate State agency.
   (C)   Individual disposal system requirements. If public sewer facilities are not available and individual disposal systems are proposed, minimum lot areas shall conform to the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance establishing lot areas for individual sewerage disposal systems. Such systems shall be subject to approval by the County Health Department.
   (D)   Selected design criteria.
      (1)   Alignment. All sewers shall be laid with a straight alignment between manholes, unless otherwise directed or approved by the Utility Manager.
      (2)   Manholes. Manholes shall be as specified in the Town of Cloverdale Construction Standards and Section 34 of Recommended Standards For Wastewater Facilities.
      (3)   Sewerage locations. Sanitary sewers shall be located within street or alley rights-of-ways unless topography dictates otherwise. When located in easements on private property, access shall be provided to all manholes. Where sewer lines in private easements cross a public street or alley rights-of-way, a manhole shall be provided in such rights-of-way where possible. Imposed loading shall be considered at all manhole locations. Not less than six feet of cover shall be provided over the top of pipe in street and alley rights-of-way or three feet in all other areas.
      (4)   Cleanouts. Cleanouts will not be permitted as a substitute for manholes.
      (5)   Water supply interconnections. Protection of water supplies and relation to water mains shall be specified in Section 38 of Recommended Standards For Water Facilities.
(Ord. 2011-07, passed  - - )