(A)   General. Existing features which would add value to the type of intended development or to the Town of Cloverdale as a whole, such as trees, watercourses, falls, beaches, historic spots, and similar irreplaceable assets, shall be preserved in the design of the subdivision. No trees shall be removed from any subdivision nor any change of grade of the land affected until primary approval of the preliminary plat has been granted. . The sketch plan shall show the number and location of existing trees, and shall further indicate all those marked for retention and the location of all proposed trees on each lot as required by these regulations.
   (B)   Required shade trees planted by developer.
      (1)   As a requirement for subdivision secondary approval, the applicant shall plant trees on the property of the subdivision. One tree shall be planted for every primary structure along each street unless the Plan Commission, upon recommendation of the Utility Manager, shall grant a waiver. Such waiver shall be granted only if there are existing trees growing along such a right-of-way or on the abutting property which in the opinion of the Plan Commission comply with these regulations.
      (2)   New trees to be provided pursuant to these regulations shall be approved by the Utility Manager and shall be planted in accordance with the regulations (if any) of the Utility Manager Such trees shall have a minimum trunk diameter (measured 12 inches above ground level) of not less than two inches.
(Ord. 2011-07, passed  - - )