(A)   General. The preliminary plat shall be prepared in pen or pencil by a licensed land surveyor at a convenient scale of not more than one (100) feet to the inch and the sheets shall be numbered in sequence if more than one sheet is used and shall be of such size as is acceptable for filing in the office of the County Recorder, so long as such sheets are no larger than 24 by 36 inches. (See Figure 6-2.) (It should be noted that the map prepared for the preliminary plat may also be used for the final subdivision plat and, therefore, should be drawn on tracing cloth or reproducible Mylar; preparation in pencil will make required changes and additions easier).
   (B)   Features. The preliminary plat shall show the following:
      (1)   The location of the property with respect to surrounding property and streets; the names of all adjoining property owners of record; the names of adjoining developments; and the names of adjoining streets.
      (2)   The location and dimensions of all boundary lines of the property are to be expressed in feet and decimals of a foot.
      (3)   The location of existing streets, easements, water bodies, streams, and other pertinent features, such as swamps, flood plains, railroads, buildings, parks, cemeteries, drainage ditches, bridges, and topography (at the same scale as the sketch plan).
      (4)   The location and width of all existing and proposed streets, alleys, and other public ways and their rights-of-ways, and of easements and building setback lines, utilities, fire hydrants and storm water facilities.
      (5)   The locations, dimensions, and areas of all proposed or existing lots.
      (6)   The location and dimensions of all property proposed to be set aside for park or playground use, or other public or private reservation, with designation of the purpose thereof, and conditions, if any, of the dedication or reservation.
      (7)   The name and address of the owner or owners of land to be subdivided, the name and address of the subdivider if other than the owner, and the name and registration number of the land surveyor.
      (8)   The date of the map, approximate true north point, scale, and title of the subdivision.
      (9)   Sufficient data acceptable to the Town Engineer to determine readily the location, bearing, and length of all lines, and to reproduce such lines upon the ground and the location of all proposed monuments.
      (10)   Names of the subdivision and all new streets, subject to the approval of the Plan Commission.
      (11)   Indication of the use of any lot (single-family, two-family, multifamily, townhouse) and all uses other than residential proposed by the subdivider.
      (12)   Blocks shall be consecutively numbered or lettered in alphabetical order. The blocks in numbered additions to subdivisions bearing the same name shall be numbered or lettered consecutively throughout the several additions.
      (13)   All lots in each block shall be consecutively numbered. Outlots shall be lettered in alphabetical order. If blocks are numbered or lettered, outlots shall be lettered in alphabetical order within each block.
      (14)   All information required on the sketch plan should also be shown on the preliminary plat, and the following notation shall also be known:
         (a)   Explanation of drainage easements, if any.
         (b)   Explanation of site easements, if any.
         (c)   Explanation of site reservations, if any.
         (d)   Endorsement of owner, as follows:
      Owner                        Date                   
(Ord. 2011-07, passed  - - )