§ 157.105  SKETCH PLAN.
   Sketch plans submitted to the Plan Commission in pen or pencil shall be drawn to a convenient scale of not more than 100 feet to an inch and shall show the following information. (See Figure 6-1.)
   (A)   Name.
      (1)   Name of subdivision if property is within an existing subdivision.
      (2)   Proposed name if not within a previously platted subdivision. The proposed name shall not duplicate the name of any subdivision plat previously recorded nor any subdivision plat for which primary approval is still in effect.
      (3)   Name of property if no subdivision name has been chosen. (This is commonly the name by which the property is locally known.)
   (B)   Ownership.
      (1)   Name and address, including telephone number, of the legal owner and, if applicable, name, address, and telephone number of the agent representing the owner, and citation of last instrument conveying title to each parcel of property involved in the proposed subdivision, giving grantor, grantee, date and land records reference.
      (2)   Citation of any existing legal rights-of-way or easements affecting the property.
      (3)   A complete copy of any existing covenants on the property.
      (4)   Name and address, including telephone number, of the professional person(s) responsible for subdivision design, for the design of the public improvements, and for surveys.
   (C)   Description.  Location of property, name of town, lot, section, township, range and county, graphic scale, north arrow and date.
   (D)   Features to be included on sketch plans.
      (1)   The location of property lines, existing easements, burial grounds, railroad rights-of-ways, watercourses, and existing wooded areas or trees eight inches or more in diameter, measured four feet above ground level (see § 157.054(A). The location, width, and names of all existing or platted streets or other public ways within or immediately adjacent to the tract. The names of adjoining property owners (as shown in the County auditor’s Office) within 600 feet or two property owners deep, whichever is less, of any perimeter boundary of the subdivision.
      (2)   Location, sizes, elevations, and slopes of: (1) existing sewers, water mains, culverts, and other underground structures within the tract and immediately adjacent thereto; (2) existing permanent buildings and utility poles on or immediately adjacent to the site; and (3) utility rights-of-way or easements.
      (3)   Approximate topography. Normally showing two foot contour intervals, but the Administrator may require one foot intervals on very flat land or permit five foot intervals on very steep slopes.
      (4)   The approximate location and widths of proposed streets.
      (5)   Preliminary proposals for connection with existing water supply and sanitary sewage systems, or alternative means of providing water supply and sanitary waste treatment and disposal; preliminary provisions for collecting and discharging surface water drainage.
      (6)   The approximate location, dimensions, and areas of all proposed and existing lots.
      (7)   The approximate location, dimensions, and areas of all parcels of land proposed to be set aside for a park, playground, other public use, or for the use of property owners in the proposed subdivision.
      (8)   The location of temporary stakes to enable the Plan Commission to find and appraise features of the sketch plan in the field.
      (9)   Whenever the sketch plan covers only a part of an applicant’s contiguous holdings, the applicant shall submit, at the scale of no more than 200 feet to the inch, a sketch in pen or pencil of the proposed street system, and an indication of the probable future street and drainage system of the remaining portion of the tract.
      (10)   A vicinity map, showing streets and other general development of the surrounding area. The sketch plan shall show all school and improvement district lines with the zones properly designated.
      (11)   If the subdivision is classified as a minor subdivision, the sketch plan must also comply with § 157.054.
(Ord. 2011-07, passed  - - )