§ 209.01 Nuisance Plants, Refuse, and Surface Water
   (a)   The following conditions provide harborage and breeding grounds for pests or are otherwise conducive to the creation of human health problems, and are therefore declared to be nuisances which shall be removed or abated from any property on which they are found:
      (1)   Grass over eight (8) inches in height;
      (2)   Noxious weeds including Russian, Canada or musk thistle, shatter cane, Johnsongrass, wild parsnip, wild carrot, wild mustard, giant hogweed; wild plants capable of causing skin reaction upon contact or of producing or aggravating hay fever, asthma, allergic respiratory reaction, or similar conditions; and all other noxious weeds including those listed as prohibited noxious weeds in OAC 901:5-37-01, as it may be amended;
      (3)   Refuse including trash, junk, garbage and food waste, offal, animal wastes, tires, and all other waste materials;
      (4)   Stagnant surface water.
   (b)   The owner, operator, or person in possession or control of the property shall remove or otherwise abate any nuisance described in this section.
   (c)   Noxious weeds shall be abated by removal, by turning under the soil, by destruction through the use of herbicides, or by any other means approved by the Commissioner of Environment.
(Ord. No. 1060-17. Passed 10-9-17, eff. 10-11-17)