91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Certificate required
   91.03   Application for certificate of public convenience and necessity
   91.04   Investigation of applicants and delivery of certificate
   91.05   Duration, alteration, suspension, revocation, and non-transferability of certificates
   91.06   Insurance policies required
   91.07   Discontinuance of service
   91.08   Form and contents of certificate
   91.09   Emergency Medical Services Board
   91.10   Organization of Board
   91.11   Duties of the Board
   91.12   Permits
   91.13   Expiration renewal, suspension, revocation, and non-transferability of permits
   91.14   Registration of ambulance drivers and attendants
   91.15   Application for registration
   91.16   Accessibility of registration cards
   91.17   Expiration, suspension, revocation and non-transferability of registration
   91.18   Register, records, and fees
   91.19   Right to inspect records and equipment
   91.20   Provision of services to those unable to pay
   91.21   Appeal
   91.22   Required equipment
   91.23   Notification requirements
   91.24   Level of service
   91.25   Availability requirements
   91.26   Reporting requirements
   91.27   Documentation required
   91.28   Review of subscription programs
   91.29   Agreements for emergency medical response agencies.
   91.30   Trade out of supplies
   91.31   Complaint and investigation process