92.01   Definitions
   92.02   [Reserved]
   92.03   Offenses
   92.04   Rabies vaccination and city registration
   92.05   Veterinarian records
   92.06   Cats and dogs spay and neuter law
   92.07   City registration fees
   92.08   Unlawfully kept animals
   92.09   Summons and complaints
   92.10   Quarantine of animals suspected of having rabies
   92.11   Penalty
   92.12   Nuisance, potentially dangerous or dangerous dog or cat
   92.13   Impoundment persons authorized
   92.14   Shelter established
   92.15   Reclaiming of animals or sale of impounded animals
   92.16   Redemption by owner
   92.17   Fees; impoundment, daily maintenance, release and disposal
   92.18   Procedure for seizure and disposition of abandoned or neglected animals
   92.19   Prohibition against animals running at large
   92.20   Turning animals at large
   92.21   Prohibition against animals defecating in the city limits
   92.22   Swine not to be kept within city
   92.23   Pasturing in public areas
   92.24   Mistreatment of animals
   92.25   Failure to provide food, water and shelter for animals
   92.26   Poisoning of animals
   92.27   Killing or maiming birds
   92.28   Zoning Ordinance to prevail
   92.29   Violations; notice; defense
   92.30   Location of animal shelter
   92.31   Sanitary conditions
   92.32   Commercial animal establishments
   92.33   Hobbyist exemption permit intact permit
   92.34   Destruction of animals
   92.35   Prohibiting sale of animals in public places
   92.36   Requirements for keeping cattle, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, pigeons, doves and rabbits
   92.37   Nuisance cattle, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, pigeons, doves and rabbits including, but not limited to, reptiles, exotic and wild animals
   92.38   City registration fees: cattle, horses, sheep and goats
   92.39   Requirements for keeping poultry, pigeons, doves and rabbits
   92.40   Dog parks on public property
   92.41   Wild by nature and exotic animals
   92.42   Acceptable reptiles
   92.43   Prohibited reptiles
   92.44   Habitat for reptiles
   92.45   Transporting and handling of reptiles
   92.46   Release of reptiles
   92.47   Miscellaneous charges
Statutory reference:
   Animals; city power to regulate, see 11 O.S. § 22-115