14E-3-300   General requirements for wiring methods and materials.
14E-3-310   Conductors for general wiring.
14E-3-312   Cabinets, cutout boxes, and meter socket enclosures.
14E-3-314   Outlets, device, pull and junction boxes, conduit bodies; fittings; and handhole enclosures.
14E-3-320   Armored cable: Type AC.
14E-3-322   Flat cable assemblies: Type FC.
14E-3-324   Flat conductor cable: Type FCC.
14E-3-326   Integrated gas spacer cable: Type IGS.
14E-3-328   Medium voltage cable: Type MV.
14E-3-330   Metal-clad cable: Type MC.
14E-3-332   Mineral-insulated, metal-sheathed cable: Type MI.
14E-3-334   Nonmetallic-sheathed cable: Types NM, NMC, and NMS.
14E-3-336   Power and control tray cable: Type TC.
14E-3-338   Service-entrance cable: Type SE and USE.
14E-3-340   Underground feeder and branch-circuit cable: Type UF.
14E-3-342   Intermediate metal conduit: Type IMC.
14E-3-344   Rigid metal conduit: Type RMC.
14E-3-348   Flexible metal conduit: Type FMC.
14E-3-350   Liquidtight flexible metal conduit: Type LFMC.
14E-3-352   Rigid polyvinyl chloride conduit: Type PVC.
14E-3-353   High density polyethylene conduit: Type HDPE conduit.
14E-3-354   Nonmetallic underground conduit with conductors: Type NUCC.
14E-3-355   Reinforced thermosetting resin conduit: Type RTRC.
14E-3-356   Liquidtight flexible nonmetallic conduit: Type LFNC.
14E-3-358   Electrical metallic tubing: Type EMT.
14E-3-360   Flexible metallic tubing: Type FMT.
14E-3-362   Electrical nonmetallic tubing: Type ENT.
14E-3-366   Metallic auxiliary gutters.
14E-3-368   Busways.
14E-3-370   Cablebus.
14E-3-372   Cellular concrete floor raceways.
14E-3-374   Cellular metal floor raceways.
14E-3-376   Metal wireways.
14E-3-378   Nonmetallic wireways.
14E-3-380   Multi-outlet assembly.
14E-3-382   Nonmetallic extensions.
14E-3-384   Strut-type channel raceway.
14E-3-386   Surface metal raceways.
14E-3-388   Surface nonmetallic raceways.
14E-3-390   Underfloor raceways.
14E-3-392   Cable trays.
14E-3-393   Low-voltage suspended ceiling power distribution systems.
14E-3-394   Concealed knob-and-tube wiring.
14E-3-396   Messenger-supported wiring.
14E-3-398   Open wiring on insulators.
14E-3-399   Outdoor overhead conductors over 1,000 volts.