14E-6-600   Electric signs and outline lighting.
14E-6-604   Manufactured wiring systems.
14E-6-605   Office furnishings.
14E-6-610   Cranes and hoists.
14E-6-620   Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators, moving walks, platform lifts, and stairway chairlifts.
14E-6-625   Electric vehicle charging systems.
14E-6-626   Electrified truck parking spaces.
14E-6-630   Electric welders.
14E-6-640   Audio signal processing, amplification, and reproduction equipment.
14E-6-645   Information technology equipment.
14E-6-646   Modular data centers.
14E-6-647   Sensitive electronic equipment.
14E-6-650   Pipe organs.
14E-6-660   X-ray equipment.
14E-6-665   Induction and dielectric heating equipment.
14E-6-668   Electrolytic cells.
14E-6-669   Electroplating.
14E-6-670   Industrial machinery.
14E-6-675   Electrically driven or controlled irrigation machines.
14E-6-680   Swimming pools, fountains, and similar installation.
14E-6-682   Natural and artificially made bodies of water.
14E-6-685   Integrated electrical systems.
14E-6-690   Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.
14E-6-691   Large-scale photovoltaic (PV) electric power production facility.
14E-6-692   Fuel cell systems.
14E-6-694   Wind electric systems.
14E-6-695   Fire pumps.