14E-5-500   Hazardous (classified) locations, classes I, II, and III, divisions 1 and2.
14E-5-501   Class I locations.
14E-5-502   Class II locations.
14E-5-503   Class III locations.
14E-5-504   Intrinsically safe systems.
14E-5-505   Zone 0, 1, and 2 locations.
14E-5-506   Zone 20, 21, and 22 locations for combustible dusts or ignitable fibers/flyings.
14E-5-510   Hazardous (classified) locations – Specific.
14E-5-511   Commercial garages, repair and storage.
14E-5-513   Aircraft hangars.
14E-5-514   Motor fuel dispensing facilities.
14E-5-515   Bulk storage plants.
14E-5-516   Spray application, dipping, coating, and printing processes using flammable or combustible materials.
14E-5-517   Health care facilities.
14E-5-518   Assembly occupancies.
14E-5-520   Theaters, audience areas of motion picture and television studios, and similar locations.
14E-5-522   Control systems for permanent amusement attractions.
14E-5-525   Carnivals, circuses, fairs, and similar events.
14E-5-530   Motion picture and television studios and similar locations.
14E-5-540   Motion picture projection rooms.
14E-5-545   Manufactured buildings.
14E-5-547   Agricultural buildings.
14E-5-550   Mobile homes, manufactured homes, and mobile home parks.
14E-5-551   Recreational vehicles and recreational vehicle parks.
14E-5-552   Park trailers.
14E-5-553   Floating buildings.
14E-5-555   Marinas and boatyards.
14E-5-560   Residential occupancies.
14E-5-570   Requirements for existing dwelling-type occupancies not exceeding four stories in height.
14E-5-590   Temporary installations.