14E-9-001   Percent of cross section of conduit and tubing for conductors and cables.
14E-9-002   Radius of conduit and tubing bends.
14E-9-004   Dimension and percent area of conduit and tubing.
14E-9-005   Dimensions of insulated conductors and fixture wires and compact copper and aluminum building wire nominal dimensions and areas.
14E-9-008   Conductor properties.
14E-9-009   Alternating-current resistance and reactance for 600-volt cables, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 75°C (167°F) – Three single conductors in conduit.
14E-9-010   Conductor stranding.
14E-9-011   Class 2 and class 3 power source limitations.
14E-9-012   PLFA power source limitations.