Chapter 3.04
  3.04.010   Purpose and scope.
  3.04.020   Purchasing officer; duties.
  3.04.030   Council approval; when required.
  3.04.040   Purchases in general; bids.
  3.04.050   Promotion of maximum practicable competition.
  3.04.060   Exemptions from bidding requirements.
  3.04.070   Procedure for emergency purchases.
  3.04.080   State bid requirements.
  3.04.090   Construction projects.
  3.04.100   Bidding notice.
  3.04.110   Pre-bid conferences and site inspection.
  3.04.120   Correction or withdrawal of bids.
  3.04.130   Receipt of bids or proposals.
  3.04.140   Acceptance and evaluation of bids or proposals.
  3.04.150   Preparation of bid or proposal documents.
  3.04.160   Cancellation of solicitations; rejection of bids.
  3.04.170   Bid protest.
  3.04.180   Disqualification of bidders and suppliers.
  3.04.190   Procurement contracts.
  3.04.200   Procurement records; public inspection.
  3.04.210   Bonds and other security and insurance requirements.
  3.04.220   Right to inspect plant and audit records.
  3.04.230   Intergovernmental relations.
  3.04.240   Failure to perform.
  3.04.250   Disposition of personal property of the city.
  3.04.260   Ethics.