33.01   Salary schedule established
   33.02   Classification of employee appointments
   33.03   Pay scale established for school police and interns, and civil infractions hearing officer
   33.04   Pay scale established for seasonal employees
   33.05   Recognition of retiring city employees
   33.06   (Reserved)
   33.07   Preemployment medical examination and drug screening
   33.08   Police Division composition
   33.09   Fire Division composition
   33.10   Public Works Department employees
   33.11   (Reserved)
   33.12   Parking services technicians
   33.13   Police dispatchers
   33.14   Income tax department employees
   33.15   (Reserved)
   33.16   Clerk to city attorney
   33.17   (Reserved)
   33.18   Salaried employees not subject to overtime pay
   33.19   Overtime pay
   33.20   Holiday pay
   33.21   (Reserved)
   33.22   Sick leave
   33.23   Medical and dental insurance
   33.24   Longevity allowance and payments for years of service
   33.25   Funeral/bereavement pay
   33.26   Wage continuation/ injury leave
   33.27   Vacations
   33.28   (Reserved)
   33.29   Attendance at conferences, conventions, and other functions of municipal concern
   33.30   Conflict of interest by engineer or consultants
   33.31   Uniforms for city employees
   33.32   Certification pay
   33.33   Adoption of the state public employees deferred compensation program
   33.34   (Reserved)
   33.35   Grievances
   33.36   (Reserved)
   33.37   Compensatory time for hourly employees
   33.38   Pickup of contributions for Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund
   33.39   Shift and weekend differential pay
   33.40   Deferral of employee’s share of Public Employees Retirement System
   33.41   (Reserved)
   33.42   Police Division collective bargaining
   33.43   Certain travel time counted as hours worked
   33.44   Continuation of benefits during military leave