(a)   Display of license. A license issued pursuant to this Division C must be posted at all times in a conspicuous place on the premises or in the room in which the is held.
   (b)   Maintenance of order. A licensee under this Division C shall be responsible for the conduct of the and shall maintain conditions of sobriety and order.
   (c)   Limitation on number; effect of license. A special event license issued pursuant to this Division C is effective only for the time and place and for only the applicant specified in the approved license application. No more than two special event can be sponsored in the city by the same person, group, organization or association in a 12-month period.
   (d)   Prostitution; illegal drug use. A licensee under this Division C shall not allow any person to engage in prostitution or to sell or use illegal drugs on the premises or room in which the is taking place.
   (e)   Hours of the event. No shall take place during times in which the sale of on-sale intoxicating liquor is prohibited under § 13.50 of this code.
   (f)   Insurance. An applicant for an annual establishment license shall submit proof to the that general liability insurance in the following minimum amounts will cover the premises: personal injury, $200,000 (claim)/$600,000 (aggregate) and property damage, $50,000.
   (g)   Location of event. shall take place on only premises holding an annual establishment license issued under this Division C and licensed as a hotel/motel, a club, a (Type I or II) food restaurant, a restaurant in which intoxicating liquor is served or an establishment licensed for on-sale 3.2% malt liquor.
   (h)   Inspections. Prior to any issuance of a special event license under this Division C, the applicant shall comply with all requirements imposed on the event by the City Building and Inspections Division, including, but not limited to, fire code provisions, limits on the number of people who can attend and the type and number of gaming equipment to be operated. In addition, sufficient off-street parking shall be provided for persons attending the event.
(1958 Code, § 134.02)  (Added by Ord. 66-73, passed 12-19-1966; Ord. 67-67, passed 12-18-1957; Ord. 91-8, passed 2-4-1991; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; Ord. 96-67, passed 12-16-1996; Ord. 97-4, passed 2-18-1997; Ord. 2007-17, passed 4-9-2007)