(a)   No person shall be allowed to be in charge of a special event licensed under this Division C if such person:
      (1)   Is not of good moral character and repute;
      (2)   Has had a conviction of any crime that is directly related to the occupation licensed herein, as prescribed by M.S. § 364.03, subd. 2, as it may amended from time to time, and the applicant has not shown competent evidence of sufficient rehabilitation and present fitness to perform the duties as prescribed by M.S. § 364.03, subd. 3; as it may amended from time to time;
      (3)   Knowingly misrepresented or falsified information on the license application; or
      (4)   Is not 18 years of age or older on the date the license application is submitted to the .
   (b)   The may deny a special event license if it finds that the applicant failed to comply with this Division C during previous special events.
(1958 Code, § 134.01)  (Ord. 64-5, passed 2-17-1964; Ord. 66-73, passed 12-19-1966; Ord. 67-67, passed 12-18-1957; Ord. 91-8, passed 2-4-1991; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; Ord. 97-4, passed 2-18-1997)