(a)   Free event. No tickets shall be sold or money or other consideration charged to participate in the or for a meal or other entertainment accompanying the . No monies shall be collected from persons attending the to cover the expenses of the event or any prizes or gifts to be distributed during the event.
   (b)   Play money. Only scrip, play money or tokens can be used to operate the equipment at the .
   (c)   Prizes. If any prizes or gifts are distributed by virtue of the scrip, play money or chips, all such prizes or gifts must be donated and not paid from any monies collected from the persons participating in the event. In no case shall any prize or gift distributed during the event be cash.
   (d)   Dice. No games using or involving dice shall be allowed during a .
   (e)    . The licensee shall allow no to take place during the event.
   (f)   Gambling device. No gambling device shall be allowed on the premises during the event.
   (g)    . The licensee shall not allow to take place or to be operating at any time during the event.
   (h)   Minors. No person under the age of 18 years shall be allowed to operate any of the gaming equipment used during the event.
   (i)   Private event. The shall be private and not be available for the participation by the general public.
   (j)   Use of . In the area or room in which the takes place, no shall be operated.
   (k)   Access to public rooms. The shall take place only in a room or area that is reasonably removed from areas open to the general public.
   (l)   Fundraising prohibited. No shall be part of a fundraising event open to the general public.
   (m)   Profiting from events prohibited. No person sponsoring a can profit in any way from the event itself.
   (n)    . No licensee shall convert the into a .
   (o)   Criminal violations. No licensee shall violate M.S. §§ 609.75 through 609.762, as they may amended from time to time.
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