It shall be the joint and several responsibility of every tenant, lessee, owner and occupant of an eligible to:
   (1)   Utilize the base level of services from a as contracted by the city. Or, if an eligible resident wishes to self-haul, obtain approval from the city using the process and form provided by the city to apply for permission to self-haul . The form will require proof to the city of the regular disposal of at an approved disposal facility or facilities approved by the city and the county.
   (2)   Follow the city's guidelines and instructions for storing and setting out materials, including placement of their residential and in designated for each type of waste with the lid fully closed.
   (3)   Place the and any overflow bags at no more than 12 hours before, but no later than, the onset of the , the assigned collection day and remove the no more than 12 hours after the scheduled collection day unless has been approved by the city.
   (4)   Make certain that recycling placed out for collection do not contain . Recycling containing more than 10% may be tagged and not emptied by the .
   (5)   Make certain that no is placed out for collection unless subscribing for service, or “per bag” stickers are purchased from the city.
   (6)   Make certain that no or is placed out for collection unless an order is properly placed with the city. The city shall publish ordering instructions and a rate schedule for and items.
   (7)   Make certain that no are placed out for collection within any container for the various types of .
   (8)   Provide at least one week's advance notice to the city that the will not require services for at least four consecutive weeks because of an extended leave so as to obtain credit on their next bill.
   (9)   Provide payment to the city on or before the due date on the city's utility bill for all , including any additional collection services provided to the . Failure to pay for services shall result in the special assessment of the costs of those services, along with any applicable fees, penalties or administrative costs against the real property on which the is situated for collection in the manner of a tax.
(Ord. 2015-45, passed 12-21-2015; Ord. 2020-34, passed 10-19-2020)