Said license, when issued, may be revoked by the City Council without notice in the case of the conviction in a court of competent jurisdiction of the licensee on a complaint alleging the violation of this Article II or alleging the violation of the provisions of the city code or the laws of the state regarding public health. Further, said license may be suspended or revoked at any time by the City Council for a violation of any provision of the city code or the laws of the state, upon a hearing, provided that the licensee shall be given at least five days’ written notice of such hearing and shall have an opportunity to appear in person or by agent or attorney and present evidence relative to the matter under consideration.
(1958 Code, § 115.04H) (Ord. 88-56, passed 10-3-1988; Ord. 89-19, passed 3-27-1989; Ord. 2015-45, passed 12-21-2015; Ord. 2020-34, passed 10-19-2020)