General Provisions
   70.001   Citation of code
   70.002   Definitions
   70.003   Traffic code controlling
   70.004   Drivers of government vehicles; applicability
   70.005   Authorized emergency vehicles
   70.006   Pushcarts or animal-drawn vehicles
   70.007   Jurisdiction on boundary lines, streets and roads
   70.008   Increased fines under certain circumstances
   70.020   Duties imposed on drivers
   70.021   Notification to police
   70.022   Written accident reports; confidentiality
   70.023   Accidents on private property
   70.024   Proof of liability insurance coverage
   70.035   Enforcement of traffic laws; establishment of Traffic-Control Division
   70.036   Direction of traffic by hand or voice
   70.037   Direction of traffic by unauthorized persons
   70.038   Obedience to police and fire officials
   70.039   Issuance of citation tags
   70.040   Citation of moving vehicle
   70.041   Eluding police officer prohibited
   70.042   Citations at accidents
   70.043   Arrest of non-residents
   70.044   Bail upon deposit of license
   70.045   Violating promise to appear
   70.046   Citation of illegal parking violations
   70.047   Failure to comply with traffic citations attached to parked vehicle
   70.048   Official traffic-control devices; enforcement purposes
   70.049   Disposition; records of citations, warrants and complaints
   70.050   Illegal cancellation of traffic citations
Traffic-Control Devices; Authority
   70.060   Traffic-control devices; uniform requirements
   70.061   Traffic-control device locations
   70.062   Specific traffic-control devices
   70.063   Specific speed limits
   70.064   Change of speed limits
   70.065   Designation of restricted turns
   70.066   Specific restricted turns
   70.067   Traffic lane markings
   70.068   Off-set street center lines
   70.069   Change of street direction
   70.070   One-way roadways
   70.071   No passing zones
   70.072   Meaning of traffic-control signal indicators
   70.073   Flashing signals
   70.074   Hazardous or congested places; restrictions
   70.075   Schedule of through streets
   70.076   Through streets; authority of Traffic Engineer to install stop signs
   70.077   Intersections where stop required
   70.078   Parking time limit signs required
   70.079   Designation of curb loading zones and public carrier stops
   70.080   Weight restrictions
   70.081   Pedestrians; signal indicators; regulations
   70.082   Crosswalk markings
   70.083   Mid-block pedestrian crossings
   70.084   Unauthorized traffic-control devices prohibited
   70.085   Defacement of traffic-control devices
   70.095   Equipment of unsafe condition; inspection
   70.096   License tag displayed
   70.097   Head lamps and stop lights
   70.098   Lights; regulations and restrictions
   70.099   Red lens; head lamp
   70.100   Mechanical signal devices permitted
   70.101   Steering mechanism
   70.102   Brakes
   70.103   Tires
   70.104   Windshield and windows
   70.105   Certain window tints prohibited; definitions
   70.106   Mirrors
   70.107   Exhaust pipes
   70.108   Horn or warning device
   70.109   Bells and sirens
   70.110   Trailer regulations
   70.111   Required equipment for motorcycles and motor scooters
   70.112   Headgear
   70.113   Safety seat belt systems required
   70.114   Child restraint systems required
Impoundment Procedures
   70.125   Purpose and effect
   70.126   Authority to impound vehicles
   70.127   Derelict/disabled vehicles
   70.128   Vehicles on bridges
   70.129   Vehicles constituting traffic hazards
   70.130   Illegal trespass
   70.131   Vehicles parked in a prohibited zone
   70.132   Vehicles blocking fire exits or hydrants
   70.133   Vehicles parked in intersections
   70.134   Stolen vehicles; recovery by police
   70.135   Arrest and detention of driver
   70.136   Place of impoundment
   70.137   Impoundment
   70.138   Seized and impounded vehicle storage
   70.139   Duration; release; impound fee
   70.140   Redemption of impounded vehicle
State Law Adopted by Reference
   70.150   State motor vehicle code for misdemeanor violations
   70.999   Penalty