71.001   Approaching or entering an intersection
   71.002   Turning left at an intersection
   71.003   Approaching a “yield” sign
   71.004   Entering a through highway
   71.005   Entering a highway from a private road or driveway
   71.006   Yield to pedestrians and stops
   71.007   Entering traffic from parking
   71.008   Operation upon approach of authorized emergency vehicles
   71.009   Passengers on two- or three-wheeled vehicles; passing vehicles
   71.010   Driver of a motor vehicle approaching a stationary emergency vehicle
Turning Movements
   71.020   Turning markers or indicators
   71.021   U-turns
   71.022   Turns into or from alleys
   71.023   Turning movements and signals
   71.024   Position and method of turning
   71.025   Giving turn signals
   71.026   Giving hand and arm signals
General Operating Procedures
   71.040   Possession of valid driver's license required
   71.041   Operation of vehicle on invalid license
   71.042   Permitting unauthorized person to drive
   71.043   Renting to unlicensed operators
   71.044   Operation in a careful and prudent manner
   71.045   Attention to driving required
   71.045.1   Electronic messaging while driving prohibited; exceptions.
   71.046   Reckless driving
   71.047   Obedience to official traffic-control devices
   71.048   Exceptions to control devices
   71.049   Transporting alcoholic beverages
   71.050   Backing vehicle; limitations
   71.051   Changing lanes
   71.052   Controlled access highways; entering and leaving
   71.053   Crossing fire hose
   71.054   Driving on right side of roadway required
   71.055   Driving on divided highways
   71.056   Driving of vehicles on sidewalk prohibited; exception
   71.057   Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions
   71.058   One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands
   71.059   Following too closely
   71.060   Following fire apparatus prohibited
   71.061   Processions
   71.062   Funeral processions to be identified
   71.063   Driving through funeral or other procession prohibited; exceptions
   71.064   Shortcuts; private service drives
   71.065   Limitation of use of motorcycles, bicycles and motor scooters
   71.066   Special rules for motorized scooters, motor-driven cycles and bicycles
   71.067   Minibikes prohibited
Passing Vehicles
   71.080   Passing a vehicle on the left
   71.081   Limitation on passing on the left; exception
   71.082   Passing on the right; when permitted
   71.083   Passing in school zones
   71.084   Passing school bus
   71.085   Passing church bus
   71.086   School bus requirements; lights; signs; painting
   71.087   No passing zones
Weight and Size Restrictions
   71.100   Axle restrictions
   71.101   Maximum height of vehicles
   71.102   Permit for oversized vehicles
Traffic Hazards
   71.115   Obstruction of streets and sidewalks
   71.116   Derelict vehicles
   71.117   Loads on vehicles
   71.118   Littering
   71.119   Removal of debris from streets
   71.120   Protrusions; flag required
   71.121   Passengers; obstructing driver's view
Speed Regulations
   71.135   Reasonable and prudent speeds; existing conditions
   71.136   Minimum requirements; exceptions
   71.137   Speed limits generally; exception
   71.138   Obedience to maximum and minimum speed limits
   71.139   School zones and crossings
   71.140   Speed contests