1.   Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to relieve a responsible party subject to an IDNR-issued industrial discharge permit or any other Federal, State or City permit, statute, ordinance or rule from any obligation imposed by such permit, statute, ordinance, or rule if any such obligation is greater than any obligation imposed by this chapter.
2.   Any discharge into the City’s storm sewer system prohibited by the City’s MS4 permit, the terms of which are hereby incorporated by reference, shall be deemed an “illicit discharge” in violation of this chapter.
3.   Sediment pollution originating from excessive erosion rates on a construction site or sediment pollution entering a municipal storm sewer that causes a water quality violation as determined by the IDNR shall be deemed an illicit discharge in violation of this chapter.
4.   The following discharges are not authorized and shall be deemed an illicit discharge in violation of this chapter.
   A.   Floor drains directed to the storm water system shall be considered discharges even if no actual pollutants are observed entering the system from such a source.
   B.   Solvents; detergents or other surfactants; and spills or leaks of toxic or hazardous materials; fertilizers; pesticides; and waste products such as ashes, slag and sludge.
   C.   Solid waste, litter, animal waste and landscape waste, including significant quantities of leaves and grass clippings deposited or placed along streams, ponds, channels, or on sidewalks, street right of ways or other public property subject to runoff or otherwise discharged to the storm water system.
(Ord. 1661 - Jul. 10 Supp.)