.010   Off-Site Tract Signs in Conjunction with a Wayfinding Sign Program. Off-site tract signs approved as part of a Wayfinding Sign program may be approved subject to the provisions of Section 18.62.080 and the following additional criteria:
      .0101   The project developer or representative must request and receive a Wayfinding Sign program permit pursuant to Section 18.62.080.
      .0102   The Wayfinding Sign program shall initially identify a minimum of three (3) new residential developments or products that have been approved, completed or under construction. The residential developments shall be located within an approved Specific Plan, Master Land Use Plan, Redevelopment Project Area or located on property that is subject to an agreement with the Anaheim Redevelopment Agency. No more than one Wayfinding Sign program shall be authorized for each Specific Plan or Master Land Use Plan. The number of programs authorized within a Redevelopment Project Area and the total number of associated signs shall be determined by the Planning Director.
      .0103   A Wayfinding Sign program document shall be prepared and submitted. The document shall include criteria  related to sign design, including permitted size and height; permitted number and precise location of signs proposed; permitted colors and materials; maintenance standards and responsibilities; and, implementation procedures.
      .0104   Number of Signs per Parcel. Not more than one (1) sign shall be permitted on any parcel having frontage on one public or private street. Parcels having frontage on more than one public or private street may have one (1) sign per street frontage. Proof of owner authorization to utilize property for this purpose shall be made a part of the Wayfinding Sign Program Permit approved pursuant to Section 18.62.080.
      .0105   Location of Signs within Public Right-of-Way. Signs may be permitted within the public right-of-way, subject to review and approval by the Public Works/Engineering Department and subject to obtaining any necessary encroachment licenses and/or permits.
      .0106   Maximum Number of Signs. Except as otherwise permitted by the Planning Director due to unique access considerations, the maximum number of signs allowed as part of the Wayfinding Sign program shall not exceed the cumulative total of the number of development projects anticipated to be developed within the Specific Plan or Master Land Use Plan, but in no instance shall exceed 20 signs.
      .0107   Area and Height Limitations. The maximum area of a wayfinding tract sign shall be sixty-five (65) square feet. Except as may otherwise be permitted by the Planning Director due to topographical considerations, no Wayfinding Sign shall exceed eight (8) feet in height.
      .0108   Consistent Theme and Design. Signs approved as a part of a Wayfinding Sign program shall have a consistent theme and design. In addition, signs shall be non-illuminated and individual sign panels shall only identify the name of the residential project or venue advertised including directional arrows.
      .0109   Anti-Graffiti Measures. Wayfinding Signs shall be constructed with materials and finishes that are graffiti resistant. The applicant shall consult with the Code Enforcement Division prior to submittal of the Wayfinding Sign Program Permit and implement all recommended measures. Through this consultation process, the applicant shall also provide the Code Enforcement Division with contact information for the person or entity responsible for maintaining the sign in accordance with the standards set forth in Section (Sign Maintenance).
   .020   Sign Maintenance. In the event that signs are targeted by graffiti, the graffiti shall be removed within 24 hours. In the event that a sign is otherwise damaged, it shall be repaired or removed within 72 hours.
   .030   Time Limitation. The Wayfinding Sign program shall stipulate the duration and length of time allowed for the sign program, but in no event shall it exceed the amount of time necessary to achieve the initial sale or lease of the projects identified or five (5) years, whichever comes first. However, the Planning Director may extend the life of the Wayfinding Sign program in one (1) year increments for up to five (5) additional years. Once the sale or initial occupancy of all units in an individual development is completed, reference to said development shall be immediately removed from the Wayfinding Sign(s). 
(Ord. 6137 § 4; April 14, 2009.)