.010   A coordinated sign program shall be submitted to the Planning Department in connection with the following projects:
      .0101   A multiple-occupancy site consisting of two (2) or more tenant spaces;
      .0102   Any separately identifiable building group;
      .0103   A neighborhood or community shopping center;
      .0104   Any other site containing at least forty thousand (40,000) square feet of land area; and
      .0105   Any project for which a coordinated sign program is specifically required by the provisions of the applicable zone, or conditions of approval of a zoning entitlement.
   .020   The Planning Director shall approve the coordinated sign program if all signs within the coordinated sign program comply with the provisions of this chapter, if any of the signs proposed require approval of a conditional use permit, the entire coordinated sign program shall be submitted as conditional use permit.
   .030   For a site on which a more restrictive sign program has been adopted, the provisions contained in the coordinated sign program shall take precedence over the signage requirements of the applicable zone.
   .040   Platinum Triangle and Anaheim Canyon. In addition to the provisions contained above, the following shall also apply to the area described as the Platinum Triangle, as described in the Platinum Triangle Master Land Use Plan, and in DA-3 and DA-5 of Anaheim Canyon, as described in the Anaheim Canyon Specific Plan:
      .0401   If any of the signs in the proposed coordinated sign program do not comply with the requirements of this chapter, said coordinated sign program shall be subject to the approval of a minor conditional use permit and the required findings in 18.66.060 and the following additional findings:
         .01   Signs shall complement the architecture of the buildings on the same property and provide a unifying element along the streetscape; and
         .02   The size, scale and style of signs shall be internally consistent and consistent with the scale of the buildings located on the same property and the surrounding land uses.
(Ord. 6351 § 23; December 15, 2015:  Ord. 6425 § 20; December 19, 2017:  Ord. 6461 § 18; April 16, 2019.)