.010   Proximity to Rights-of-Way.  A freestanding sign shall not project over an existing or future street or highway right-of-way, as set forth on the Circulation Element of the General Plan.
   .020   Number of Sign Faces.  A monument sign may have more than one (1) sign face, provided each sign face is at an angle of not more than one hundred thirty-five (135) degrees from any other sign face.  A freestanding sign face may have two (2) sign faces, provided the sign faces are at an angle of one hundred eighty (180) degrees from one another.
   .030   Landscaped Planter.  All freestanding and monument-type signs shall be located within a landscaped planter, the minimum area of which is equal to the total sign area of the sign located within the planter.
   .040   Address Required.  All freestanding and monument signs (except freeway-oriented signs) shall include the numeric street address of the property upon which it is located.  The numbers used to identify the address shall be no less than nine (9) inches and no more than fifteen (15) inches in height.
   .050   Design to Complement Building.  The exterior finish, color and materials of the sign and sign cabinet shall complement the colors and materials of the building that the advertised business occupies.
   .060   Multiple-Tenant Commercial Centers.  Monument and freestanding signs for multiple-tenant commercial centers with six (6) or more tenant spaces shall focus on identifying the name of the center and/or its largest tenants, rather than all tenants.  Individual businesses should be identified by wall-mounted signs with individual letters, aligned along the same horizontal band.
   .070   Base of Monument Signs.  Monument signs shall maintain a solid base at least eighteen (18) inches in height.
   .080   Minimum Sight Distance Requirements for Freestanding Signs and Monument Signs.  A line-of-sight triangle is hereby established at each corner of every intersection of two streets.  Two (2) legs of the triangle shall extend twenty-five (25) feet along each street right-of-way, and the third leg shall connect the termini of each of the other two legs.  No sign shall be permitted within the line-of-sight triangle.  Any freestanding or monument sign installation located within fifty (50) feet of any driveway, including driveways on other property, shall meet the provisions of Standard Detail No. 115 (Arterial Highway and Commercial Driveway Approach).  All freestanding and monument signs shall maintain a minimum two (2) foot setback from any ultimate right-of-way.
   .090   Permitted Location of Freestanding or Monument Sign.  The minimum distance between a freestanding or monument sign and an abutting property line (other than streets) shall be no less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the width of the parcel on which the sign is to be located, or fifty (50) feet from any such abutting parcel, whichever is less.  If the area of a freestanding sign results from the combining of street or highway frontage of separate lots or parcels of property, the distance of the sign placement shall be measured using the width and length of the combined parcels.
   .100   Modification of Design Standards.  If the sign is not part of a project otherwise subject to discretionary review by the Planning Commission, the Planning Director, without public notice or hearing required, is authorized to approve design modifications to the standards (excluding height and square footage requirements) in this section; provided physical constraints on the subject property preclude strict adherence to the standards, and the modification maintains the intent and effect of the standards.  The Planning Director decision on a modification shall be considered final.  (Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004: Ord. 6156 § 18; September 22, 2009.)