Chapter 18.44
   18.44.010   Purpose.
   18.44.020   Applicability.
   18.44.030   Definitions.
   18.44.040   Prohibited signs.
   18.44.045   Minor conditional use permit required.
   18.44.050   Conditional use permit required.
   18.44.055   Coordinated sign program.
   18.44.060   Other required approvals.
   18.44.065   Business flag.
   18.44.070   Signs in residential zones.
   18.44.080   Freestanding and monument signs – General.
   18.44.090   Freestanding and monument signs in non-residential zones.
   18.44.100   Freeway-oriented on-site signs.
   18.44.110   Wall signs and other types of signs.
   18.44.120   Service station signs.
   18.44.130   Commercial signs on residential structures.
   18.44.140   Public utility signs and signs required by law.
   18.44.150   Sign construction and design.
   18.44.160   Sign maintenance.
   18.44.170   Temporary signs – Special event permit.
   18.44.180   Temporary real estate signs.
   18.44.185   Residential Wayfinding Signs.
   18.44.190   Temporary tract signs.
   18.44.200   Temporary signs for future establishments.
   18.44.210   Temporary signs – Other.
   18.44.220   Nonconforming signs.
   18.44.230   (Repealed by 6042 § 10, 10/3/06)
   18.44.240   (Repealed by 6042 § 10, 10/3/06)
   18.44.250   (Repealed by 6042 § 10, 10/3/06)
   18.44.260   Nonconforming billboards.
   18.44.270   Violations.
   Appendix A   Area of a sign excluding supports.
   Appendix B   Area of a sign, monument and base.
   Appendix C   Area of a sign with two faces.
   Appendix D   Area of a sign with individual letters.
   Appendix E   Freestanding sign.
   Appendix F   Height of sign.
   Appendix G   Lighter box gasoline service station sign.
   Appendix H   Service station signs.
   Appendix I   Monument sign.
   Appendix J   Roof sign – Mansard roof.
   Appendix K   Roof sign – Above roofline.
   Appendix L   Under-awning sign.
   Appendix M   Valance.
   Appendix N   Number of sign faces.
   Appendix O   Minimum sight distance requirements.
   Appendix P   Permitted location of freestanding and monument signs.
   Appendix Q   (Repealed by 6245 § 70, 6/5/12)