.010   The signs allowed for service stations are set forth in Table 44-D (Service Station Signs).  Such signs shall be decorative and coordinated with a common design theme that matches the building.
Table 44-D
Service Station Signs
Area of Each Sign Face (square feet)
Special Provisions
1 freestanding sign, or 1 monument sign; each sign may include name of fuel business, and name of a convenience store or fast-food restaurant attached to the fuel business, price of fuel, credit cards accepted, and existence of a car wash
For service stations with two street frontages, 1 freestanding sign or 1 monument sign are allowed per street frontage for a total of 2 signs. Said sign shall not be subject to subsection (Minimum Distance Between Freestanding Signs), subsection (Maximum Number of Freestanding or Monument Signs Permitted), and subsection (Multiple Frontages). A freestanding sign is not permitted if the service station has a freestanding, freeway-oriented sign.
The maximum height of the freestanding or monument sign shall not exceed 8 feet.
Subject to § 18.44.100
Subject to§  18.44.100
1 per building elevation
The wall sign shall identify the name of either the fuel service, the convenience store, or a fast-food restaurant attached to the fuel business.
Lighter Box
1 per each row of pumps
Subject to subsection .020 below
Subject to subsection .020 below
See "Business Identification"
Included in "Business Identification"
1 per street frontage
20, but not to exceed 70% of the vertical face on which the sign is located
May contain company name or company symbol
Car Wash
See "Business Identification"
Included in "Business Identification"
Also 1 wall sign above entrance to car wash
Also 1 wall sign to identify prices for services, provided it is not visible from the public right-of-way
Type of Service
1 sign at each end of each row of pumps, identifying whether service is self service or full service
Special Services
1 attached to each device providing air service, water service, recharging for electric vehicles, and similar services
Signs shall not be illuminated
1 designating entrance to service station, 1 designating exit from service station, 1 designating entrance to car wash, 1 designating exit from car wash
Pump-Top Video Display Terminal
1 per pump dispenser
Maximum viewable screen area of 19 inches measured diagonally
Subject to subsection .040, below
   .020   Lighter Box Gasoline Service Station Signs.  Lighter box gasoline service station signs are permitted in service stations, and are not considered freestanding signs; provided that they shall not exceed a height of four (4) feet, and the width shall not exceed the length of the working area, or thirteen (13) feet, whichever is less.  The signs may be either one- or two-faced, internally lighted, and decorated with company logos or name, provided the logos and names shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the total area of each face of the sign.
   .030   Banners.  The display of banners across service bays that are visible to the public right-of-way are prohibited, unless a special event permit is obtained and the provisions of Section 18.44.170 (Temporary Signs – Special Event Permit) are met.
   .040   Pump-Top Video Display Terminal. Pump-top video display terminals are permitted in service stations subject to the following provisions:
      .0401   The pump-top video display terminal must be integrated into the overall design of the pump.
      .0402   Pump-top video display terminals must contain a privacy screen, or other screening or hood devise, which eliminates or reduces the ability to view the screen from any angle except from directly in front of the screen at the fuel pump dispenser.
      .0403   Sound emanating from the pump-top video display terminal shall not be audible to a person of normal hearing acuity at any point on the property line or at a distance in excess of fifteen (15) feet from the pump-top video display terminal equipment, whichever is less.
      .0404   Sound emanating from the pump-top video display terminal shall only be activated when a customer is standing in front of a fuel pump and shall automatically turn off when a customer is not standing in front of a fuel pump.
      .0405   Pump-top video display terminals shall only operate between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
      .0406   Pump-top video display terminals shall be located a minimum of forty (40) feet from any residential zone or residential use boundary line.
(Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004: Ord. 6123 § 2; November 18, 2008:  Ord. 6461 § 19; April 16, 2019.)