.010   Requirement for Conditional Use Permit.  The following signs require a conditional use permit:
      .0101   Regional guide signs.
      .0102   New freeway-oriented signs, as defined in Section 18.44.030 and subject to the standards set forth in Section 18.44.100, on a property without an existing freeway-oriented sign, only for the following uses:
         .01   Automotive-Service Stations;
         .02   Restaurants-Full Service and Restaurants-General;
         .03   Hotels;
         .04   Office buildings with a common entrance(s) with four or more stories;
         .05   Regional shopping centers, as defined in Section 18.44.030; or
         .06   Automotive-Vehicle Sales, Lease & Rental on a property ten (10) acres or more in size.
      .0103   Off-Site Signs for Regional Shopping Centers.  No more than one (1) free-standing sign per regional shopping center, no greater than one hundred twenty-five (125) square feet in sign area, and no higher than fifteen (15) feet, may be located off-site where allowed by conditional use permit.
   .020   Application Requirements.  All applications for a conditional use permit for a sign require submittal by the applicant of photographs of all existing freestanding, monument and wall signs on the property, and a site plan of the property showing their location(s).  The application shall also identify the square footage of all existing wall signs that are to remain.
   .030   Effect of Conditional Use Permit Approval.  Approval of any conditional use permit for a particular land use shall constitute approval of any on-premises signs that are otherwise permitted in the underlying zone in which the use is located, unless, as part of the action approving the use, more restrictive sign requirements are imposed.  (Ord. 5920  1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 5944  21; September 28, 2004: Ord. 5984 § 1; August 16, 2005:  Ord. 6042 § 9; September 26, 2006:  Ord. 6100 § 5; March 18, 2008:  Ord. 6101 § 39; April 22, 2008:  Ord. 6425 § 19; December 19, 2017:  Ord. 6473 § 34; December 3, 2019:  Ord. 6506 § 44; February 9, 2021.)