The future establishment of a business or other activity on a lot may be advertised by means of a temporary on-site sign or signs, provided the following provisions are complied with.
   .010   Maximum Area Per Sign.  The maximum area per sign is fifty (50) square feet.
   .020   Maximum Dimension Per Sign.  The maximum dimension in any direction is eight (8) feet.
   .030   Maximum Height.  The maximum height is eight (8) feet.
   .040   Maximum Number Permitted.  One (1) sign is permitted; provided that two (2) signs are permitted for parcels of five (5) acres or more with two (2) street frontages.
   .050   Location.  The sign(s) shall be set back a minimum of ten (10) feet from any adjoining property line or adjoining highway right-of-way line; provided, however, that a sign on a corner property shall be subject to the locational requirements of fences, as set forth in subsection (Front Yards) of Chapter 18.46 (Landscaping and Screening).
   .060   Time Limit.  The sign shall be removed within one (1) year from commencement of construction, or upon completion of the construction of project, whichever occurs first, unless extended for a period not to exceed one (1) year by the Planning Director.
   .070   Required Identification.  All signs shall include a small identification area with the name and address of the person, firm or entity constructing the sign, and the date the sign was constructed or erected.  The signs may also include the name and address of the person, firm, entity or agent offering the premises for-sale or for-lease.