.010   Lighted Signs.  Lighted signs shall comply with the following provisions.
      .0101   Signs shall not be lighted such that artificial light is directed into any structure used exclusively for residential purposes.  For the purpose of this provision, structures devoted to hotel and motel use are not to be construed as structures used exclusively for residential purposes.
      .0102   Signs lighted by any type of indirect lighting shall not have any such lighting that exceeds eight hundred (800) milliamps rated capacity, nor shall any sign lighted by neon or similar materials have any such neon or similar material that exceeds three hundred (300) milliamps rated capacity.
      .0103   Signs shall not have any illumination that exceeds two hundred fifty (250) foot lamberts, as measured on any surface.  Such measurement shall be established by any light-measuring device approved by the Building Official.  The illumination measurement shall exclude the effect of other light sources, and shall exclude the effects of other external conditions that would affect the foot lamberts illumination of the sign.  There shall be a statement of the manufacturer attached to the sign, indicating that sign illumination does not exceed two hundred fifty (250) foot lamberts, as measured at any surface.
      .0104   Lamp shields or cut-offs shall be installed on signs to block unnecessary light from extending off-site.
      .0105   Internally illuminated can-type signs shall have a solid background so that the light illuminates the letters and/or logos rather than the background.
   .020   Decorative Features.  All monument and freestanding signs, including the support structure, shall be designed with decorative features and enhancements through the use of materials, shape, articulation and/or other forms, similar to the freestanding and monument signs depicted in the graphics illustrating the definitions of freestanding sign and monument sign (see Appendices E and I).
   .030   Metal Cabinets.  Metal cabinets shall be finished such that labels and cables are not visible and the cabinet is painted, stuccoed or otherwise finished to match the sign material and color.  Metal cabinets exhibiting rust or corrosion shall be refurbished and maintained in a like-new condition.
   .040   Compliance with Uniform Codes and Other Regulations.  All signs erected, installed, located or maintained in the City shall comply with all structural provisions of the most recently adopted Uniform Building Code, National Electrical Code, and all other applicable laws and regulations.  (Ord. 5944  23; September 28, 2004.)
   .050   Utility Clearance.  The owner of any sign shall maintain legal clearance from communications and electrical facilities.  In addition to any other provisions of this chapter, no sign shall conflict with any rule, regulation or order of the California Public Utilities Commission pertaining to the construction, operation and maintenance of public utility facilities.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)