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Albuquerque Overview
Albuquerque Code of Ordinances
Charter of the City of Albuquerque
Administrative Instructions
Albuquerque Table of Resolutions
Albuquerque Code of Resolutions
Integrated Development Code
Personnel Rules and Regulations
   4-6-1   Program of volunteer services to animals
   4-6-2   Downtown beautification
   4-6-3   Woodburning education plan
   4-6-4   Implementation plan for the Performing Arts Center
   4-6-5   Graffiti removal
   4-6-6   Cultural plan
   4-6-7   Economic development program
   4-6-8   Community identity program
   4-6-9   [Repealed]
   4-6-10   Music of New Mexico project
   4-6-11   Alternative pilot suspension program
   4-6-12   Automated victim notification service and inmate information line
   4-6-13   Use of cable television channel 30 to inform voters as to municipal elections
   4-6-14   City's internet presence; home page development
   4-6-15   Sale of alcoholic beverages through drive-up windows; abatement
   4-6-16   Drought management plan
   4-6-17   Workforce Housing Opportunity Act