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Part 14-16-3   Overlay Zones
3-1(A)   The Overlay zones listed in Sections 14-16-3-2 through 14-16-3-6 are hereby created. These Overlay zones shall have the boundaries shown on the Official Zoning Map maintained in electronic form by the City Planning Department and available on the City of Albuquerque website.
3-1(B)   These Overlay zones supplement, but do not replace, the underlying zone districts listed in Part 14-16-2 (Zone Districts). In the case of a conflict between the provisions of a zone district and the provisions of an Overlay zone, the provisions of the Overlay zone shall prevail. Where multiple Overlay zones apply to a property, development must comply with all relevant provisions. Where an Overlay zone is silent, IDO requirements apply.
3-1(C)   Building height bonuses in Table 5-1-1: Residential Zone District Dimensional Standards or Table 5-1-2: Mixed-use Zone District Dimensional Standards do not apply in any Overlay zone.
3-1(D)   Deviations from Overlay zone standards are not allowed pursuant to Subsection 14-16-6-4(O)(3)(e).