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Personnel Rules and Regulations
This section of the Personnel Rules and Regulations includes the City policy for the following programs: Mediation Program; Disciplinary Actions; Grievance Resolution; and Appeal from Suspension, Demotion and Dismissal.
City employees and supervisors are encouraged to use the Employee Mediation Program to address work place conflict, including conflict between employees and conflict between an employee and a supervisor. Participation in the mediation program is voluntary and will not affect access to other procedural remedies for employees.
The Employee Mediation Program is established to:
A.   Encourage City employees to resolve work place conflicts early, informally and with minimum intervention from the administration; and
B.   Address conflict in the work place constructively through communication and collaboration whenever possible; and
C.   Aid direct communication and problem solving between individuals; and
D.   Provide neutral mediators to help informal, direct communication and conflict resolution within each department of the City; and
E.   Provide a resource to each department to minimize the costs of conflict.
Any City employee or supervisor may initiate mediation by contacting the Mediation Program Coordinator. Employees and supervisors should attempt to use the mediation process at an early stage in their conflict resolution efforts but may be initiated at any point.
The mediation will take place during business hours in a neutral site at a time mutually acceptable to the participants and will be conducted in accordance with the Employee Mediation Program guidelines. Any resolution resulting from the mediation must comply with all applicable laws, policies, rules and procedures.