Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters
905.01    Definitions.
905.02    Obstructing gutters prohibited.
905.03    Owners to keep sidewalks in good repair.
905.04    Sidewalk construction and repairs.
905.05    Permit required.
905.06    Notice to repair.
905.07    Contents of the notice.
905.08    Service of the notice.
905.09    Right of appeal.
905.10    Protest to be filed prior to the commencement of work.
905.11    Protests to be filed in writing.
905.12    Work done by City.
905.13    Emergencies, costs.
905.14    Property owner to be billed.
905.15    Property assessments.
905.16    Removal of debris; notice to remove.
905.17    Expense of removal of debris, etc.; emergency measures.
905.18   Administrative guidelines to be established.
905.99    Penalty.
State law provisions - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 729
Parking prohibitions - see TRAF. 351.03(a)
Sidewalk offenses - see GEN. OFF. 521.04 et seq.
Subdivision requirements - see P. & Z. 1117.16(c), 1117.25