Whenever the City Manager finds that any sidewalk, drivewalk, carriagewalk, driveway approach, or tree lawn, is not in good repair or is not free from safety hazards or nuisance and when such repair or the abatement of such hazard or nuisance is the responsibility of the owner of the abutting land in accordance with Sections 905.02, 905.03, and/or 905.04, the City Manager shall notify the owner of the land abutting such condition in writing, to have the necessary repairs or reconstruction made. Such notice shall be served on the owner or the owners agent in the manner provided by law tor the service of summons in civil actions, or by the means prescribed in Section 905.08 hereof. For the purpose of such service, any person charged with the collection of rents or the payment of taxes on the property, or having general control of it in any way, shall be considered an agent of the owner.
(Ord. 5-2005. Passed 4-18-05.)