Whenever any sidewalk, drivewalk, carriagewalk, or driveway approach within the right-of-way area, and related work or installation are constructed, or altered, such work shall require a permit, and shall be subject to inspection and approval by the City Manager as to the plans and installation, and the work shall be in conformity with the approved Administrative Guidelines prescribed by the City Manager and in conformity with the established grade of such street areas. Before any such work shall be commenced, a permit shall be secured by the individual, contractor, or the company performing the work, the cost of such permit shall be determined in accordance with the schedule of fees as approved by City Council and Section 903.04(d) of the Code. Additionally, and also prior to the commencement of the repairs, a bond shall be posted in accordance with the approved schedule of fees, and further, the individual, contractor, or the company shall provide a certificate of insurance in accordance with Section 903.04(g) of the Code.
(Ord. 5-2005. Passed 4-18-05.)