The Notice to Repair as provided for in Section 905.06 or the Notice to Remove as provided for in Section 905.16, shall identify the location of the sidewalk, drivewalk, driveway approach, carriage walk, tree lawn, or street area where such condition exists, the specific defect, nuisance, or condition requiring corrective action, the period of time allowed to have the work done by private contract, and the approximate cost of the work if such work were to be completed by the City. The prescribed time period shall be reasonable, but shall not be less than thirty days for reconstruction or repairs unless such repairs are of an emergency nature as set forth in Section 905.13 or unless such notice is issued in accordance with Section 905.16. The Notice to Repair or the Notice to Remove shall also advise the owner or the owner's agent that if the work is not done within the prescribed period of time that the City shall undertake such work in accordance with Section 905.12.
(Ord. 5-2005. Passed 4-18-05.)