Minimum pavement widths shall be as follows:
   (a)    All streets: twenty-five feet including curb. In the case of a thoroughfare or important neighborhood street, the matter of additional pavement width shall be discussed with the public officials having jurisdiction, to determine whether or not public expenditures, if any, for such additional width shall be made simultaneously with the developer's improvement. Cul-de-sac streets shall terminate in a paved turnaround with a minimum outside radius of twenty-seven and five-tenths feet.
If a "T" or "Y" shaped arrangement is approved by the Planning Commission in lieu of a turnaround, such paved space shall extend the entire width of the street right-of-way, and shall be at least twelve and one-half feet wide, with the flared portions rounded by at least twelve and one-half foot radii.
   (b)    Alleys: twenty feet.
   (c)    Sidewalks: at least four feet wide, and normally one foot from the property line; crosswalks the same width, in the center of crosswalkways.
      (Ord. 500-1959. Passed 4-20-59.)